The European Association for Health Information and Libraries is a thriving organisation with ca 1 000 members from ca 30 European countries. EAHIL was constituted on August 18, 1987. However, from 1 st January 2006, EAHIL is taking a bold step forward, and personal membership will become FREE to all bona fide, professionally active medical and healthcare librarians and information workers in Europe.

The aim is to increase and further develop our excellent network of active Members throughout all regions of Europe, regardless of ability to pay membership fees, so that we can truly share our professional expertise, skills and ideas; discuss important issues, and further our aim of uniting and motivating librarians and information officers across Europe. If you are actively involved in any area of medical or healthcare information work in any part of Europe, and would like to network with colleagues, learn and develop your professional skills, then you are warmly invited to fill in the online Membership Application form. New applications will be checked for validity by an EAHIL Council Member from your region of Europe (just to make sure bogus applicants do not get added to our database), and once approved, you will be able to enjoy all the benefits of EAHIL membership. The form is easy to complete. You must enter your professional address but you can decide if you wish to include your personal address. The system is password controlled and only validated EAHIL Members have access to the database, which existing Members have already found to be both user-friendly and very useful. As it is extremely important to make sure the list is accurate and up-to-date, Members will be responsible for adding and correcting their own data, and will be expected to enter the database at least once a year to renew their membership.

As you may know, EAHIL runs a highly successful programme of Conferences and Workshops each year, plus a wide range of “continuing education” seminars and practical workshops in conjunction with these meetings. We also publish a highly informative quarterly journal (Journal of the European Association for Health Informationand Libraries).

We liaise closely with other organisations at national and international level, for example MLA, LIBER, IFLA and national medical library associations , and we aim to promote professional development and excellence among our Members by awarding scholarships and prizes. We are planning to launch a professional Certification scheme soon. All these activities are set to continue and grow, as we welcome new and active EAHIL Members to join us in motivating, developing and uniting medical and health information professionals across Europe and beyond.

Applications from outside Europe

Only European medical and healthcare librarians and information workers in Europe can become EAHIL member free of charge. Medical and healthcare librarians and information workers outside Europe are welcome to become an EAHIL member, but must pay an annual membership fee of 50 Euro. Application must be sent in writing to the EAHIL secretariat. Please download the application form (http://www.eahil.net/join.htm).

Commercial firms

Publishers, subscription agents and other firms active in the field of medical and health information, or library information systems are welcome to become EAHIL members. Please contact EAHIL secretariat for details: EAHIL secretariat, c/o Leijte & Regoort, P.O. Box 1388, NL-3600 BJ Maarssen, The Netherlands, fax : +31 346 550 876, e-mail: eahil (at) nic.surfnet.nl


I hereby confirm that I am a professionally active medical librarian/healthcare librarian/information officer working in a medical and health science library in Europe.

Journal of the European Association of Health and Libraries

Journal of EAHIL is available in PDF on EAHIL web but you could also receive a printed copy of Journal of EAHIL free of charge.

Choose one of the options below:
I wish to receive a personal copy of the printed version of Journal of EAHIL.

I prefer to have Journal of EAHIL as e-only and I wish to receive an e-mail when a new edition of Journal of EAHIL is available.

I do not need my own copy of Journal of EAHIL, as I will be sharing with colleagues.